“It’s stuck with me, it invaded my dreams last night, it’s impactful like a knife tip is impactful.”- Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“Part detective story, part Dadaist nightmare… A rare example of total and genuine auteurism in the games world” – Glixel, Rolling Stone


Available for PC and Mac on Steam

Also on itch.io

Beckett by The Secret Experiment is an abstract retelling of a missing person’s case where the investigator finds himself caught between the life he once had and that which he now lives.

“If you knew my mind you could never love me,” spoke Amy. Beckett was defiant, she was everything to him. Time has passed. Amy is dead. A missing persons case leads Beckett down a decaying rabbit hole to the outskirts of reality. Set in a world unlike anything you’ve experienced, this is an original surreal noir by The Secret Experment. Take control. Explore. Navigate. Interact. Talk. Defy. Listen. Be careful. This place is unfamiliar, yet it is entirely of your making.

We want to tell you that this game is for everyone. It’s not. We’re not even sure if it’s a game. It’s an authored experience, inspired by the extremities of videogames, literature and arthouse cinema. Beckett is a statement. Its story is dark and experimental. You’ll lead its protagonist through a disturbing series of events. At times you will find this stressful. At times, you’ll be appalled by its ugliness. At times you will find this immeasurably beautiful.

The surreal noir will be showcased as a permanent design artefact in the V&A, the world’s leading museum of art and design, who have hand-picked Beckett as an example of design excellence in storytelling and digital media to be featured in its new museum in Dundee.

The whole experience lasts around 3 hours. It will be in your head for a long time to come.

OUT NOW! (get it on Steam or itch.io).
Brought to Steam by Kiss Publishing Ltd.