Beckett and the Videogame Avant-Garde

Beckett is a statement and a paradox. It’s part of a movement that we’re not even sure exists. It’s a videogame and it’s not a videogame. It is a story and it’s not a story. It’s a window into a world where no world exists, with a protagonist who couldn’t care less if he lives or dies. Beckett doesn’t save the world or rescue a damsel in distress, he hasn’t mastered the art of killing and there’s no one on his heels to gun him down. Beckett holds onto existence, while his memories decay. There’s a boy missing. He’ll find him. It’s his job. But with every step we find ourselves venturing deeper into a surreal fairground of bizarre characters, dark thoughts and twisted motivations. There is beauty in madness; there’s also extreme ugliness.

Beckett positions itself as part of the videogame avant-garde. This is a term that fills us with excitement and hope – a signal of change and experimentation, a maturing of the medium alongside its fans. There exists a hand-full of titles from across the globe that are pushing the medium in exciting new directions, flicking two-fingers to the establishment and presenting something fresh and unique to players who are after more than just an adrenaline rush. Beckett positions itself as part of this output. We’re not expecting it to be a best-seller. That’s not why we’re making it. And, hopefully, that’s not why you’ll pick it up.

We’ll be posting regularly – there’s loads we want to show and tell. Tell us what you think. Steam page up shortly.


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