Without you, Beckett is nothing

There’s a trend towards realism. There’s a trend towards giving you everything. Why use your imagination when we can show you exactly what you’re meant to be seeing? This doesn’t appeal to us. This isn’t what Beckett is about. Beckett needs you to think. Beckett needs you to project. Without you, Beckett is nothing.

We met someone who said words have an infinite budget and our minds began to spin. We saw a play where a single prop transformed a stage into a universe, with characters more real than anything we’ve seen on the big screen. We listened to music that wasn’t, where landscapes were painted in front of our eyes and we were moved to tears.

Beckett is a game that needs its audience. A screen shot will cause confusion. To play it is to be transported somewhere you may not want to be. It is a videogame that requires your imagination. It is a story that requires your interaction. It is a work of art that will shock, offend and delight. It’s something you’ll never forget. It’s something we are making because it’s important. It’s something different. We’re not like the rest. Hopefully it’s the start of something new. We’ll let you decide.

Beckett in conversation with Daisy Starlight

Characters don’t conform to realism in Beckett. Everything you see is subjective and open to interpretation. Make of it what you will. 

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