Beckett: Amy Zabinsky is Gone

Beckett is in love with Amy Zabinsky.
She died many years past.
There’s evidence that she existed.
At The Flower Garden.
She played beautifully.
A new composition: While We Wait.
He can still hear her song.
It was 31 July in a year that doesn’t matter.
Dreams form and shatter. Memories fade and form.
She plays beautifully. He can hear her song.
She stands alone in an upstairs room, with Beckett.
Amy Zabinsky is gone.

Beckett is an experience that plays with time. It plays with remembrance and emotion. It plays with importance and meaning. It asks why? and who cares? It demands answers. It wants to change you. It wants to offend. Don’t let it. Play, think and respond. Life relies on replay. We revisit. We question. Yet every time we look back the truth is distorted until we can’t be sure of anything. We all are victims of our past. Are we all victims of the future?

The Secret Experiment operates on the fringe of videogames, crafting uniquely authored experiences as pioneers of The Alternative (movement).

Beckett 16
We are all memories waiting to happen

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