Beckett doesn’t exist


We are aware that we’ve been keeping things from you.

We know that time moves on, people forget. Early images fade.

We know that Beckett has no imprint on your mind and, as yet, it doesn’t exist.

Some have seen Beckett. They can confirm this. The game is all but complete. Our game testers have been breaking it. We’ve been fixing it.

The V&A has seen Beckett. They have chosen to include it in their new Museum. We are proud.

Our publishing partner Kiss Ltd has seen Beckett. We’re aiming for a February 2018 launch. Together, we’re devising ways to let the world know of it’s existence. Let us know if you want to be involved.

But you haven’t seen it. You can only take our word that it exists. Or chose to ignore. There’s other things to be done.

Beckett doesn’t exist.



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