We’re glad you’re here. One step closer. One step further away.

Beckett is a surreal noir that is controlled via mouse. Text is cleared with left click (though right click can be used also and as a fast-track through any choice systems), and Beckett’s focus is controlled is a point-and-click manner.

Beckett is in control. The player has influence. When you scan areas you will reveal Beckett’s intent. Some characters he may desire to speak with, others he may pass comment or completely ignore. If an object or character is of no interest to Beckett, it will simply not exist on screen – fading out of existence.

Beckett is a game about reality. It is a story that challenges its audience and raises questions about what it is to exist. It is a narrative that changes Beckett. It is a narrative that changes you.

If you wish to escape, press escape. 

If you want to remember, the title auto-saves your progress.

If you are seeking information on The Soft Paranoia, this might help:

Soft Paranoia Leaflet

We don’t want to say much more. But do let us know if you have any questions, and we will address them below.

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